Rock And Roll Night Club by Mac DeMarco

\25.2.19\       The debut album by Canadian artist Mac DeMarco was an introduction to his retro style with noisy instruments and slowed, deep vocals. His sound is a throwback to soft rock of the 1960’s and 70’s such as the Beach Boys and Black Sabbath, including influence from Japanese musician Harry Hosono.     He … Continue reading Rock And Roll Night Club by Mac DeMarco


Twin Fantasy (2011) by Car Seat Headrest

Have I already reviewed this album? Kind of, but not really. This album is the epitome of a love album, almost entirely focusing on the confusing, painful, and critical relationship that defined frontman (and at the time soul band member) Will Toledo's college years. Like I said in my previous review of this album, in … Continue reading Twin Fantasy (2011) by Car Seat Headrest

How Will You Know If You Never Try by COIN

The second studio album by the underground indie-pop/college rock band has garnered a lot of attention, including mine. This group has been on my radar since the release of this album back in 2017. Getting their start in Nashville while in College, lead Chase Lawrence and Joe Memmel began to write songs while Zachary Dyke … Continue reading How Will You Know If You Never Try by COIN

Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens

There’s something else inside of Sufjan Stevens, the stereotypical eclectic artist, that drives him to create the most beautiful scenes with music. He never limits himself to a genre, typically a baroque indie folk, engaging with electronic pop and avant-garde stylings. To him, the only thing that limits music is the human mind. Notable for … Continue reading Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens