Nite Romantics by Duran Duran

\26.11.18\ Written by Julles Marquez Instagram   Although my verdicts on music may lack profundity, I hope to enlighten audiences about artists that have created music in hopes of achieving a potent image, thus why I am excitedly reviewing Duran Duran and their first EP called, “Nite Romantics”. Duran Duran has culminated many success throughout … Continue reading Nite Romantics by Duran Duran

Bizarre Love triangle by New Order

\18.11.18\ Not being well versed in the world of Disco/Dance of the 80’s, I am not the person to teach you about what this band really means. What I do know, and so should you, is how important this song is. When you hear it, you think back to a time of big hair, big … Continue reading Bizarre Love triangle by New Order

White Blood Cells by the White Stripes

\11.11.18\ The story of Jack white transcends his early 2000’s group, The White Stripes. Starting as a solo musician, his great success with Megan white and two other groups he has been in have lead to him starting his own record label and vinyl pressing plant. The first efforts Jack Gillis made as a solo … Continue reading White Blood Cells by the White Stripes