Shiny and Oh So Bright by Smashing Pumpkins

Simplicity and mediocrity; words that need deliberate care when describing an album and its elemental composition. Simplicity implies clarity, while mediocrity implies inadequacy, and both are important dictional choices when reviewing music. In many instances, both words are used with similar implications, making it difficult to make a personal verdict based off of a review. … Continue reading Shiny and Oh So Bright by Smashing Pumpkins

Delta by Mumford & Sons

\24.12.18\ Delta by Mumford & Sons Mumford & Sons has always been an iconic band for me. As a band, they have a specific and unique sound. So much, that when I first heard Delta's single, "Guiding Light," on the radio, I didn’t even have to wait for them to announce the artist at the … Continue reading Delta by Mumford & Sons

Take Good Care by the Revivalists

Hailing form Americana Capitol, New Orleans, David Shaw and company had a lot of soul and jazz creole to take from. The seven other members on this super-band include Ed Williams on pedal steel guitar, Rob Ingram on saxophone, Andrew Campanelli on drums, George Gekas on bass, Michael Girardot on keys and trumpet, and Zack … Continue reading Take Good Care by the Revivalists