Night Shoots by MAMA

\21.1.19\ Songs that aren't legally and culturally commercialized the moment that they’re released tend to remain disregarded for a prolonged amount of time. Despite the lack of prevalence in their discovery, the song and/or the collection of songs in themselves can manifest into some of the world’s most memorable favorites. I can’t speak for every … Continue reading Night Shoots by MAMA

Shiny and Oh So Bright by Smashing Pumpkins

Simplicity and mediocrity; words that need deliberate care when describing an album and its elemental composition. Simplicity implies clarity, while mediocrity implies inadequacy, and both are important dictional choices when reviewing music. In many instances, both words are used with similar implications, making it difficult to make a personal verdict based off of a review. … Continue reading Shiny and Oh So Bright by Smashing Pumpkins

Nite Romantics by Duran Duran

\26.11.18\ Written by Julles Marquez Instagram   Although my verdicts on music may lack profundity, I hope to enlighten audiences about artists that have created music in hopes of achieving a potent image, thus why I am excitedly reviewing Duran Duran and their first EP called, “Nite Romantics”. Duran Duran has culminated many success throughout … Continue reading Nite Romantics by Duran Duran