Biddeford by Sun Seeker

The story of this album for me begins in Nashville, TN on a rather important road trip across the country. Here I visited Third Man Records, the first one, and was initially disappointed by the size, but began to love it for everything inside. In a small crate in the corner were records recommended by the staff, and my eyes were immediately drawn to one recommended by Megan. Whether this was Meg White of White Stripes fame, I could only hope. 

Sun Seeker is another Nashville based group with strong ties to Third Man Records. In 2016, guitarist Alex Benick, bassist Asher Horton, and Drummer Pen Parks (all of whom provide vocals) released their debut single on TMR “Georgia Dust”. This was an excellent start for the group, giving them a solid following ahead of their debut EP released the next year.

What I found most enjoyable was how organically Sun Seeker blends folk sounds with electrical instruments, giving it a cloudy, chill vibe. The lyrics on this album sound so timeless, and it has to be one of the bands best traits. On Biddeford The trio added  keyboardist Rodrigo Avendano to the mix who provided a more folk leaning sound, which in my opinion brings more balance to each song.

The EP begins on “Churchill” and a soft electric keys that get quickly washed away be the guitar and drums. It cannot be understated how well they craft their lyrics to be timeless, elegant, and important all at once. Even if you aren’t listening to the words actively, their poetic nature contribute to their power. I would akin it to listening to foreign music without understanding the words but still appreciating the vocal performance.

Next, the title track starts with acoustic guitar and my favorite vocal melody of the record

“Won’t Keep Me Up at Night” blends soft electric instruments with the ticking of an acoustic guitar. It feels like simulated nostalgia, bring your own memories.

The acapella on “With Nothing but Our Last Words” make this a stand out song. Along with the upbeat tempo and three minute runtime I’m surprised this wasn’t a lead single. I especially the implementation of the electric guitar like a classic rock song, reminiscent of Whitney.

At twelve dollars plus tax, this was not a bad EP buy. That and being from Third Man Records add to its sentimental feeling to me. Would I recommend this? If you com across it, perhaps. Though I couldn’t imagine searching out this record. It’s a fine addition to my collection, but nothing I can’t listen to on Spotify.

Speaking of, do you know we have two playlists? The New Vinyl Mondays playlist has the best songs from every album we have reviewed, making its nearly twelve hour length perfect for road trippin’! And NVM On Rotation is our weekly refreshed playlist where you can find a diverse selection of new and noteworthy tracks and some old favorites that we are feeling.

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