Supermodel by Foster The people


Foster the People is a Pop/Rock band from sunny Los Angeles, California. They saw initial success in 2011 with their cult classic “Pumped Up Kids”.

Back in 2014, when music was invented, I was just getting into groups like them. In fact, this album was the first CD I bought, and I still have it to this day. This album would be on repeat in my room, so to some it may seem I am a but too close to the sun on this one. While this is true, I have had years away from it, and I can tell you coming back to it with new ears, this album still holds up to popular rock acts of today. 

Half a decade has been kind to Foster the People, who had been mortally wounded by the commercial flop this album was. When this album came out, it was blown off for not being the new “Pumped Up Kicks”, which is all that carried their first album, Torches. 

This album kicks off with “Are You What You Want to Be?” which is why my aunt upon seeing the CD asked if this was some self-help audiobook. It sounds like exactly the dance pop song the mid-2000’s needed, But for an album that came out in 2014, this fails to be a captivating opener. 

The acoustic guitar on the next track “Ask Yourself” sounds a bit more organic, and it comes off as a seriously catchy song without leaving the groups Indie-Pop sound. This could easily be the best track on an album and it would make it a pretty good album. But this is contrasted with the next track “Coming of Age” which is so tight and well produced, it has almost no competition on this album or even in their discography. 

“A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying the Moon” is the perfect embodiment of their Pop/Rock/Electronic/Psychedelic sound that Foster has made for the band. 

Vocally I’d say “Goats In Trees” is the best because here Foster really shares his full range and depth in his lyricism. Not many other songs exhibit the artists vocal range in such a way where his voice morphs perfectly like it’s done with a dial on a computer. 

This record meant a lot to me when I was young, and I hope you all can take a little away from it now. This is long overdue for my collection, even if it took a while to find. Colored vinyl would have been nice though.

“Overall a nice record: however, no ‘Pizza time’. 0/10”

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