Rock And Roll Night Club by Mac DeMarco



    The debut album by Canadian artist Mac DeMarco was an introduction to his retro style with noisy instruments and slowed, deep vocals. His sound is a throwback to soft rock of the 1960’s and 70’s such as the Beach Boys and Black Sabbath, including influence from Japanese musician Harry Hosono.

    He got his start with a small Garage/Noise Rock group, Makeout Videotape, releasing several EPs before Ying Yang, their 2010 album. Elements of the groups style carried into DeMarco’s solo style.

The Song “Only You” from this album made it onto Rock and Roll Night Club towards the end, as a homage to his previous group. There’s a theme throughout the album where we hear radio noise and station hosts from made up stations talking about playing his music.

The rest of this album has the same chill rock sound that’s more fitting in a lonely day lounge than a night club. I thoroughly enjoy the cohesive sound and vibe, which isn’t easy to describe. And I suppose that this is what DeMarco wants.

Our first interaction into the mind of this man is quite a first impression. Back in 2011 when th iui s album came out, I would have been eager to keep him on my radar. Since the release of Rock and Roll Night Club, DeMarco has kept active, releasing several albums and compilations.

The vinyl is 180 grams and feels sturdy, but nothing else lends to me believe much care was given to it. The poster included on the inside is a nice touch. Overall a solid piece in all.

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