Promise Me Endings by Great American House Fire

Self-proclaimed trans rights activists, it’s easy to see why. This female powered punk/post-hardcore band from Denver has been picked up by Snappy Little Numbers record label, and this is their grand entrance. The group, led by three women (two trans women) and two guys on drums and bass, has been a part of the community for a while, with a history dating back many years. Until now, they’ve played around with band members, with a rotating cast of guitarists and bassists. Formed as The Good Gracious, the people who make up the group now are mostly veterans of former local bands. The groups unique history lends itself to an equally unique sound. The three guitar angle is only a piece of what makes their music stand out.

In November of last year, the band released their debut five track EP, Promise Me Endings, to an already established following. Recorded the summer a year prior, they allowed extra time in the mastering process to get the sound just right. When it comes to the sound, there’s not enough variance between the tracks for my taste. “St. Lynnrad” is a powerful introduction to the bass as well as lead singer Kristan Garramone’s vocals. I love how they introduce the different sounds of the band on this first track. “Guided Tour of the Black Hills” is a great could-be lead single that I’m surprised isn’t given more recognition. For me, “Molotov Cocktail Hobbyist” will stick with me for a while. I con’t say it’s the best on the EP, but this still shines a light to any mainstream punk rock songs of recent years. In all, another great pick and home run from Snappy Little Numbers.

This blue/white marble 12″ with b-side screen print decal stands out among any collection. I especially love the choice to go with a full size rather than a 10″ double sided record. the ease of pressing start, not having to change the speed or flip it make this easily the most enjoyable vinyl experience.

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