L.A. EP by Dog Bite

The Chillwave solo act out of Atlanta, Georgia is this weeks vinyl focus. Most of my excitement for this piece comes from the length as well as the vinyl. For one, this EP contains four tracks, two on each side of the 45rpm 12” record, which is in an odd space. It’s more than three, the traditional number of singles put out before an album, yet less than five, which is widely considered to be EP range.

Dog Bite fits into a time in Chillwave where it became easier to get into the making of than ever before. After high school, Phil Jones began making music under that name, influenced by other Chillwave artists. At the beginning of 2013, he put out Velvet Changes, an album that would get him a spot on Carpark Records and a tour of North America.

           L.A EP opens on this spoken word meditation instructional with a fast pace yet chilled out high hat beat; then more drums come in and round out the sound. “Warm. Wake Up” describes it perfectly, with a glowing sound in that background made with guitar that rarely changes. The only disruption comes when the bass filled in the rhythm and makes it feel more like a song after the instructional ends. The fade out is long and feels like it could have been happening the entire time

          “Hunting Season” is our first introduction to the washed out and faded vocals of Jones. The best way to describe all of it is dreamy. The rest of the songs on this EP fit the same motif, bass heavy and wavy in sound.

The vinyl is a solid, black 12” record, with two songs on each side, spinning at 45rpm. This is a nice departure from the usual, 10”, the high speeds allow a higher sound quality. The sleeve is nothing spectacular, but it all esthetically fits together.

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