Night Shoots by MAMA


Songs that aren’t legally and culturally commercialized the moment that they’re released tend to remain disregarded for a prolonged amount of time. Despite the lack of prevalence in their discovery, the song and/or the collection of songs in themselves can manifest into some of the world’s most memorable favorites. I can’t speak for every underground band that has risen to fame, however I can say that the value and potential of a song and album can be measured through meticulous listening and an open mind.

This thought can be explored in today’s review about MAMA and their EP, Night Shoot. My own verdict relating to the popularity of MAMA could be completely wrong, however, from what I’ve gathered about this “gritty power of Pop and Rock & Roll renegades from Chicago,” there’s little to know about who they are and what they hope to accomplish in their music. Despite the group not being widely recognized and more kept to themselves, I find that their music (particularly in Night Shoots) is promising in the way that counts.

The EP consists of a track list of five. The start of the EP invites its listeners in with the first song called “Dream Babe.” I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the first song quite a lot, for it’s redolent, rich, and tuneful taste. I feel that although the song was released in recent times, it reminds me of the late 90’s and gets me feeling valiant and pumped-up. My palate for certain music tends to lean the other way on the spectrum of grunge/indie/alternative rock, but I can appreciate the feel of the EP and what I think it’s trying to achieve.

As for the rest of Night Shoot, I found it simple, but fun to listen to. Down the line after “Dream Babe,” it goes down a track list of “I’m Shot,” “Forever,” “Night Shoots,” and “Street Angles.” Connecting to a previous statement, the album, to me, felt reminiscent of the 90’s. In a melodic sense, I can easily say that I was satisfied with the tune of the EP and that I never felt bored for a second of it. It can be argued that there are a few other bands that have the ability to produce the same sounds and the same lyrics, but I found that MAMA is a bit different in its approach to musical composition.

All in all, I liked the EP, but wish it was longer. If you’re a fan of bands like SPELLS and The Vines, you’d enjoy MAMA and what they have to offer in Night Shoot. Although I could continue to talk about the totality of this album, I figured you would all like to create your own verdict. Give it a listen. It’s available on vinyl and Bandcamp!

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