Bizarre Love triangle by New Order


Not being well versed in the world of Disco/Dance of the 80’s, I am not the person to teach you about what this band really means. What I do know, and so should you, is how important this song is. When you hear it, you think back to a time of big hair, big clothes, and girls soul desire to have fun. This group is best characterized as the phoenix that rose from the ashes of Joy Division into a pop-rock power group. Everyone from the era would credit this group for defining the sound of the 80’s.

Bizarre Love Triangle is really a single, with a dance mix, radio cut, and exclusive B side track added on as extras. Limited in vocals, “Bizarre Love Triangle” is mostly beat and rhythm, which made it really popular.

Personally, I enjoy “State of the Nation” much more than the lead single. Though this song was only released in the US and Australia, this was also released separately on its own single.

This record surprisingly plays at 33.33 rpm even though it has only two songs per side. The sleeve is unimpressive, but I do appreciate the album art, which looks like a radioactive metal.

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