Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga by Spoon

Originally releasing their debut EP ,Nefarious, on Austin local Fluffer Records, Spoon looked very different then in 1994. Multi instrumentalist Britt Daniel and Percussionist Jim Eno make up the core of this group, while a rotating cast of Bass players cursed the band.

Much as in the great forums of the internet, the vote for Spoon’s pest album was pretty evenly split between Gimme Fiction and this album, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga. Both albums dominated US Indie charts when they debuted, but the latter landed 34 spots above Gimme Fiction. Personally, that album is more raw; but like uncooked meat, is so painfully incomplete.

Before recording, the group had lost their final Bassist, Josh Zarbo, before new guitarist, Rob Pope, and lead singer, Daniel, took over that duty. During recording, some of the drums were recorded with a different microphone array, leading to many of it sounding like it’s in a tunnel. It was issues like these that lead to the 2017 ten-year anniversary.

The lead single on this record is so good, I have used it in my previous video work. “The Underdog” uses wind instruments that give it a more lively sound.

By far the best song on here is “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb” with it’s catchy chorus that really stands out on this album. In production, the band had difficulty landing the right style, leading to several versions being produced.

The original Vinyl pressing came with an EP with outtakes which never saw daylight. Just last year, with the tenth anniversary edition, Get Nice! Was released digitally and with the vinyl bundle.

This vinyl version comes with a bright yellow inner sleeve that catches the eye and sets this one apart. Another neat feature is at the end of the B side, where the last track ends in a loop, similar to the end of Car Seat Headrest ‘s 2018 twin Fantasy. This is an important album both because of the music, but what it means to indie rock going into today. Whether you get the 2007 release or the 2017 2LP deluxe release, you will own something truly special.

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