Telephone by The Districts


Guest Writer: Julles Marquez


Musical attainments are difficult pinnacles to obtain. Aspiring artists and bands attempting to compose well-sounding music and resonating lyrics have trouble reaching such a goal for a majority, if not the entirety, of their musical careers. Some argue that it takes more than grit and devotion to reach a high point in recognition. However, I feel compelled to say that a band that has no trouble meeting these goals are The Districts.

Originally in June of 2012, The Districts released an album by the name of “Telephone” with a total of 13 record songs. Overall, the sound of the album resembled a mix of rock and folk from the beginning of “Lyla” to the end of “Take Me Home”. The tone of the album simultaneously mollifies and enthralls listeners as the the drumline and the guitars capture the mood.

Comparing the depth and development in each song differs. Although there’s a certain degree of sound and lyrical consistency throughout the album, songs like “Telephone” tend to lean more alternative-folk rock while songs like “The Piano Song” and “Sing Me Sweetly” have a slow folk tone.

Regardless of the differences that the songs convey in their music, The Districts definitely know how to evoke an emotional response from listeners everywhere. They know how to play hard and they know how to make the crowd sing along.

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