Antidotes by Foals


Released in the US on Sub Pop Records, this band shares a label with many New Vinyl Mondays alumni. Recorded in 2007, the album would be released in march of 2008 Originally mixed by producer Dave Sitek, the group had gripes with his style and remixed it when they got back home from the Brooklyn studio they recorded in. David is a busy man, playing Bass, Guitar, and synth for the band, TV on the Radio, as well as mixing and producing for other British rock groups. Back in the UK, this record peaked at number three on their album charts, yet did not find its way onto the coveted Billboard 200.

Some of the instrumentals sound like other heavier indie bands like Bad Sons, strangely enough in the lighter tracks like “Olympic Airways” in the light picking guitar that is almost like a Xylophone.

“Electric Bloom” feels like the powerful anthem to open a set, which I am sure the group used to their full advantage. The chorus rings in your ears and leaves you humming. The synth backing feels so electric with the vibrating bass and rhythmic topping out of the guitar like a runaway heartbeat.

I can’t really say much about the next few songs. All of them feel repetitive. It kind of feels like the group ran out of Ideas

Tron, the last track on the album feels like a energetic send off to a relatively dynamic album, yet doesn’t have the emotion or power I would like to see. While I enjoy noisy closers, the harsh, train horn sounding trumpet on here is just obnoxious.

Through rough, I find bits of their future hits in the sounds, and so much more of other bands in here too. In a way this record feels like a compilation/tribute to Foals’ favorite acts and bands. I rather like that.

Heavyweight black vinyl in a plastic sleeve with a lyric sheet hits right in the sweet spot of what I want. Honestly, this record is nothing to write home about, and nothing for me to write about in general. So it is here I leave you. I know you want more, but I have none left. You yearn for words to fill your thoughts so you don’t have to, but it is time for me to let you go. Good bye for now. My name is Coleman Erickson, and this is New Vinyl Breakdowns.

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