Curse of A Drunk by The Takers


This one was hard to find. For example, even Spotify mixed them up with a band from Boston. The only social media presence this band bolstered was a Myspace page. Described as Florida Country, it sounds like something I’ve heard at a bar. Not being as flashy as Southern style Country, it’s a lot easier to listen to. I would call it similar to folk sounds and softer traditional Appalachian music.

How the band met sounds similar to a punch line. A mechanic, a cook, a manager, and a salesman walk into a bar. What do you get? The rag tag opener group turned band. After formation, things began to roll quick, as they do in the underground scene. Suburban Home Records picked them up and would release this single and accompanying album. Following the rave reviews and good reception… nothing. One and done appears to accurately describe this band as no word can be seen from them after their debut album.

The Takers were definitely on the road to nationwide airplay material, I can only wonder if a better record label might have lifted them from their Gainesville pit (no offence to the good people of Gainesville). The strong voice of Devin Vlasin carries an immense power. There’s more to be said about what he’s punching with, too.

The lyrics have been praised for their meaning and pensive nature. In addition to being catchy, the song is also incredibly intelligent. As you listen to the lyrics, he almost seems to outsmart you at every turn, as if in a battle of the wits. The drums carry the song in the background but complete the whole sound in a way that, the fact that they never saw more glory amazes me. At times there is a feeling this song could have been adapted from another genre.  For the first single by The Takers, I would be eager to hear more.

Grey, a more somber color, is a good fit for the material on this vinyl 7”.

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