Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco


With a sound that seems to transcend labels, listening to Wilco is like looking at expensive art :you hate it, but deep down you want to like it. Their sound has soothing rhythms and can be very beautiful, but there are times where they take freedom with what music should sound like. In the way that truffle is so pungent but smells so good.

The lineage of the band focuses around Jeff Tweedy. A 50 year-old musician of Uncle Tupelo fame. The band broke up due to infighting between Jay Farrar and Tweedy. The two firmed different bands, Farrar forming Son volt, and Tweedy forming Wilco in 1995. Releasing three records in the 90’s, their first record of the millennium in 2002 was titled Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

This record was inspired by the sound of Jim O’Rourke when him and Jeff Tweedy. Some people like to point out that before leaving Reprise records, the album was meant to be published on September 11th, 2001. Coincidentally the album cover depicts two towers, specifically the Marina Towers in Chicago where the record was recorded. The album has 11 tracks and clocks just over 50 minutes.

One thing that is greatly appreciated in the vinyl world are quality inner sleeves. Most of the default ones are paper and can scratch the record. However this one includes soft plastic inner sleeves that noticeably keep the two black records in great condition. Presentation on this now 16 year old album is very nice. Every part of the vinyl feels premium and was well worth it.

I sign off again telling you to shop locally. Support the shops that support your vinyl addiction

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