Warm Glow EP by Hippo Campus


The third EP from the Minnesota teen wonder band is a good mix of their traditional sound while keeping it new and fresh. Born from the St Paul Conservatory for the Performing Arts, they were set for succes. Made up of four high school friends Jake Luppen (vocals), Nathan Stocker (bass), Zach Sutton (guitar), and Whistler Allen (drums/Vocals). In 2014, the group self released their first EP, Bashful Creatures, before signing with Grand Jury records.

The next year they re-released the record. Later that year, South was released to much critical acclaim with their songs “South” and “the halocline.” a little over a year later, in 2017, the group released their first studio album, Landmark. This was a great success launching them on a massive tour. On break from touring, the band released a new EP, Warm Glow, which also came out in 2017.

This EP has three songs, “Baseball”, “Traveler”, and “Warm Glow.” released in November 2017, it was widely performed on their Landmark tour and winter tour. The music is similar to their other work, but vocals and drums seem to have something about them. Perhaps, a warm glow. It’s subtle but it’s there and it really sets these songs apart. If this music is any precursor to their future music, fans have a lot to look forward to.

This record is by far the most beautiful one in my collection, and it will be in yours too. It’s not some fancy color or has a beautiful sleeve (which it does as well), what sets this record apart from others is the unique etching on the B side. Only having three songs, they only occupy the first side of the record. On the B side is an etching of river side flora, a “glow” around them, and the title of the album. For future EP’s and one sided records, I do hope this becomes a trend. It helps set records apart and makes them a true work of art.

This was bought online as a special, but this can also be found at local record shops where we sale of vinyl helps keep these places open. As always, shop locally.

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