Being No One Going Nowhere by STRFKR

The fifth studio album by the indie rock group so profane their name has to be abbreviated. You can probably imagine the name of this group, but Starfucker was never about the fame. Joshua Hodges, founder of the band, created this name to limit their groups growth, so their label wouldn’t push them as hard.

He wasn’t a fan of the star light. After working with Badman Recording Co. on their first two records, the band signed with Polyvinyl Records in 2010. Releasing Reptilians in 2011 and Miracle Mile in 2013, the band managed to find more success with their new record label. Three years passed before the band would put out Being No One Going Nowhere.

Taking a break after their 2013 album allowed the group to rethink their sound. Filling any space with the suspenseful excitement of a 80’s dance hall. This album was pushed really big on Bandcamp, still having a dedicated landing page with the blue LP.

The Blue LP is pressed 180g at a time giving each peace a luxurious feeling. The color never feels gimmicky or tacky while playing or handling. I don’t own many colored vinyl because it often means the music can’t speak for itself. On this LP, color complements the electro-pop nature of the music elevating the experience.

This is available wherever records are sold.

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